Home Brewing Equipment

Home brewing of beers had gain popularity due to economical considerations. Aside from that, it is also known to be a good hobby to keep one busy.

Home brewing is simple if you’re already knowledgeable with equipment used as well as how they work. The knowledge of such, actually gives you an idea how the whole process work as wells as the do’s and don’t’s of home brewing. Here are the most common and basic homebrew equipment you have to be familiar with to start and manage your first try of home brewing.

1. Brewing pot or also known as brewing kettle is where you make the mixture or what is called wort (pronounced as wert). There are actually available pots designed for brewing in the supply market, but an ordinary pot will do so long as it can hold at least one galloon of mixture or liquid.

2. Spatula or ladle and big spoon with long handle are necessary for the mixing and stirring process. You may use ordinary kitchen ladle or the specially designed for brewing. It depends on what kind are you comfortable with.

3. Fermentation bin or galloon is used for holding the brew while the yeast does the fermentation.. The bin should be transparent or semi-transparent so that you could monitor the fermentation process.

4. Airlock is a small device usually place on the hole of the fermentation bin. It allows carbon dioxide to release from the fermentation bin but prevents the passage of oxygen inside to avoid oxidation. The bubbles that appears inside this tube like instrument signifies that fermentation is taking place.

5. Liquid Thermometer is necessary to measure the required temperature of cooling and heating of water as well as the brew being fermented.

6. Hydrometer is a device necessary to measure the gravity of the wort during and after the fermentation.

7. Funnel is usually used on the bottling process.

8. Cleaning tools and sanitizers are the crucial equipments needed in home brewing. It should be noted that all the above devices must be sterilized before you start the brewing. This is to assure you that the fermentation will not be contaminated by micro organism such as bacteria. If all the devices are not properly sanitized, the fermentation is susceptible to contamination and this eventually ruins the whole process of producing good and quality beer.

9. In places where the whether is extremely cold, you will need belt heaters to maintain the required fermentation temperature, like wise you need also chillers or coolers in places where the whether is extremely hot. Other uses of these devices are for quick and easy cooling and heating purposes during the whole process of brewing to fermentation.

10. Lastly, you will need bottles and caps for packaging.

Basically, these are the common and required equipments you need to start home brewing. They are practically available in all stores supplying home brew ingredients. In cases of absence you are recommended to improvise so long as the first principle is observed. That is to see to it that before anything else, sanitized the equipments. Now that you are familiar with these items your next problem will be the procedure or recipes which would tell you the ingredients you will need to start brewing.